Extreme Spark Environment: Seamless Pipe Manufacturing


The Spark Cooler was recently applied with great success in an extremely high spark environment:  seamless pipe manufacturing. The end-user’s challenge was to extract a high volume of dust from an extremely spark-intensive process and do so in an extremely limited distance. The customer’s Donaldson Torit rep worked with them to design a system which included several Spark Coolers in line, and an extinguishing system from a leading manufacturer. The system went live in November, is working very well, and, most importantly, the facility’s air quality is dramatically improved.

These pictures speak for themselves.

Before & After


Spark Cooler in an extreme-spark environment


This is a great example of what we see regularly:  the Spark Cooler used in concert with a fire suppression system.

Spark Cooler alongside a suppression system

While, in our opinion, a spark mitigation device never should  be used as a standalone device when explosion or life safety are even remotely possible, it is nonetheless prudent to use a Spark Cooler alongside a fire suppression system. Although it’s not apparent in the photos, every Spark Cooler in this installation was in a duct with a suppression system downstream from the Spark Cooler. The reason for having both is that, in many applications, the benefit of reducing the number of  fire events that trigger a spark suppression system (i.e., minimizing downtime,  cleanup, accident investigations, recalibration, etc.), far outweighs the cost of the Spark Cooler. We have close relationships with experts in the fire suppression industry and are happy to make introductions to assist in assessment and design.